Getting Ready to Sell Your Boat

Right now, spring is coming and for many that means they are looking at either buying or selling a boat. If you’re thinking of selling, there are a few ways to move on from your boat. If you’re upgrading, trading your old boat in can make sense sometimes. But, if you’re buying another used boat, or simply getting of boating, then the private market is another way. Besides listing services you could choose our boat auction, and either way there are a few things you’re going to want to definitely do to help sell your boat. Let’s look at them.

First off, I believe, unless you’re selling a project, you should have everything in mechanical order. There should be nothing that doesn’t work as it should. All steering, rigging and mechanicals should work perfectly. The electrical should also be 100%. Your engine or engines should be in perfect working order and have the service history to back them up. Getting a service done and having the mechanic provide a report on the engine and systems is a good idea as well.

If everything related to the engine, charging system, rigging and mechanical parts works, the next thing to look at is the boat itself. If anything is broken, fix it. No buyer wants a project, unless of course it is a project, then be prepared for a discount on the price. If you want top dollar and to sell it quickly, be prepared. Now is the time to have an inspection or survey done for added piece of mind. Many buyers may want to do one themselves, but in the case of an auction or public listing, being proactive and doing it anyway let’s you and the buyer know what condition the boat is in.

Having everything repaired and inspected before also means you will get more for you boat. As an experienced salesperson, I can tell you the easiest way to command top dollar is to remove all objections and any doubt before anything comes up. A buyer can see your diligence and gain trust as well. The confidence in knowing the boat is in perfect working order will help the sale. Plus, any money you put in to fix it, you will get back on the sale in some cases. Selling anything that doesn’t work and people are unsure what work they need to do is always difficult.

With every phone working as a video camera now a days, there is no excuse to not run the boat and have a friend take a quick video. It doesn't have to be professional, but showing the startup, running and walking through the boat only takes a few minutes and can reassure a buyer who is not local. These are all things we promote on Boats on Blocks when auctioning a boat. We only list boats that are in good working order and have the proper disclosure. There are no guarantees with a used boat, but make it easy for the buyer and the sale will be much smoother.

Remove objections, alleviate concerns and have the boat clean and ready. The sales process should be an open and honest transaction for all parties. No surprises, and both parties walk away satisfied.