Why an Auction is the Best Way to Sell Your Boat

In the age of the internet with an overload of different platforms to sell stuff, there are some of the same challenges of selling a boat that remain. In this post, we will cover three reasons why an auction is the best solution to selling a boat and how it addresses some of the most difficult things about selling your boat. Here is the list.

1. Tire kickers. No matter where you advertise your boat, you will get tire kickers. They will waste your time, they aren't buying and they are one of the biggest turn offs of selling anything, especially a boat. With an auction, we have as much disclosure about the boat as possible with detailed pictures and often video. Plus, there is a comment section, so if people want to comment or ask questions, it's a public form, not a time waster. And the best part is bidders pay a bidding fee to bid, they aren't charged unless they win the auction, but this means every bidder is potentially committed to buying the boat.

2. Time. Even when the boat is on all the platforms and ready to sell, used boats often sit for a long period of time. Several challenges occur. Many people need financing to buy a boat and it's difficult to price used boats, often the buyer isn't aware of your boat being for sale. At Boats on Blocks, we make every effort to market your boat to serious buyers. We start the bidding at a reasonable price and if the seller wishes, have a hidden reserve. A hidden reserve protects the buyer and keeps the spirit of the boat auction. Our auctions list for 14 days so you get the best price as fast as possible.

3. More buyers. Our traffic is primarily those looking for high quality used boats. There is a better chance you will find a buyer on a dedicated boat website like Boats on Blocks auction then another generic boat listing site, where your boat will get lost in the crowd. We focus on quality, detailed descriptions and finding the right buyer for your boat.

Auctions have long been one of the most effective ways of selling almost anything. A dedicated online auction for high quality boats and specifically performance boats, fishing boats, tow boats and vintage boats is the best way of selling. If you're thinking of selling, submit your boat to Boats on Blocks today.

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