Boats on Blocks is a specialty auction for power boats. We sort through different boats to provide a curated list of quality, unique, and interesting boats. Our focus is on serious sellers and serious buyers. Honest listings with full disclosure, for buyer confidence, and done in a traditional auction format with realistic reserve prices. We want to foster a community where we share and learn about boats, and provide quality boats for auction. Our goal is to streamline the boat buying and selling process.

When you submit your boat, we review it, and if approved, we create a detailed listing. The listing is exclusive while the auction is running, meaning it can’t be listed anywhere else during that time. Once the boat sells, the seller and buyer are in touch to finalize the sale.

During an auction, buyers can ask questions on the open comments section, and directly contact the seller. The goal is open, clear communication, full disclosure, so that both buyer and seller feel very confident. The used boat market has become volatile, and disorganized. If you are looking for a high quality, unique boat, then Boats on Blocks is your place. We sorted through the best boats to make it easy for you.

Need more information? Here is our FAQ