What is boats on blocks?
Boats on blocks is an online auction for boats, geared toward serious sellers and serious buyers looking for high quality boats.

Who can submit a boat to list?
Anyone can submit a boat to the auction. We review submissions, and select boats based on specific criteria. We will work with you to create the best listing possible. It is free to submit your boat. 

How much do you charge to list a boat?
We charge a fee of $95 for a 7 day listing. You only pay if we select your boat to be listed.

What is a bidding fee?
We have a bidding fee to bid on boats but you will not be charged anything if you don't win the auction. The bidding fee discourages empty bids. The bidding fee is $250. The bidding fee rolls into the buyers fee, it is not an additional charge.

How much is the buyers fee on the sale?
For boats that sell, we charge the buyer a 4% fee, with a minimum of $250 and to a maximum of $4,000 for sales over $100,000.

Do you list boats without power?
We generally list boats with power, although we may list a boat without an engine, we don’t list engines of any kind on their own. No sail boats. Ideal listings are complete packages; boat and power.

What do I need to provide with my submission?
In general, we need a full description, applicable pictures, and any inspections or reports. The best submissions will have documentation of mechanics inspection, a surveyor's “pre-purchase” survey is also very helpful, although not always mandatory. If you are serious about selling your boat though, get all of the questions a buyer may have answered upfront, which a “pre-purchase” survey can accomplish. Click here to submit.

Is there a reserve on the boats listed?
Auctions with reserves will have a hidden reserve price to maintain the spirit of the auction. Some listings will have no reserve.  

What happens if my boat sells?
We introduce you to the buyer, and all arrangements are then made between buyer and seller, including delivery and shipping. Typically, proof of ownership is provided and payment is sent.

What are some of the basic criteria for a submission to be approved?
A good listing is a high quality boat, that is well taken care of, has a survey or mechanics report, and is in operating condition. We will favor boats less than 15 years old, although, if the boat is unique or special in a way, we won’t turn it down. Quality over quantity is something we live by. For us to list a project boat, it would have to be very special. We favor sport boats, fishing boats, water sport boats, and unique boats, and avoid generic boats.